Autism Family Night


5-7 pm | Free Admission

Having spent the past 35 years inspiring and educating children of all abilities, Discovery Gateway recognizes the sobering fact that Utah leads the nation in autism spectrum disorder diagnoses, and is dedicated to scheduling a series of Autism events, where the facility is made available only to these special children and their families.

Family Autism Night provides these families with private time to experience the museum with other families dealing with the same life experiences. In the past, families facing these challenges have expressed to the museum that the social stigma centered on autism makes it difficult for their families to freely visit Discovery Gateway during regular hours. This has inspired the museum to work to secure funding to ensure these events become a regular occurrence.

On the heels of two successful Family Autism events in 2012, Discovery Gateway is able to afford the opportunity for families to participate in Family Autism Night free of charge thanks to a sponsorship by Lineagen. Lineagen, providers of FirstStepDx PLUS, a genetic service for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other forms of developmental delay, will be attending the event. Lineagen genetic councilors will be on hand to offer families information about their services.


2 thoughts on “Autism Family Night

  1. Michelle Judd says:

    We are grandparents of a child with autism and wondered if this is only for immediate family? We would like to bring our grandchild, but one of my other sons and his wife and two children would like to attend. Is that okay?

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