Your Child’s Development Starts Before Birth!

Early Childhood Connections by Help Me Grow Utah by Kali Iverson—Community Liaison

We are always using the term early childhood, but when does early childhood really start? Here at Help Me Grow Utah we are hoping to expand our realm of early childhood! Because of that we’ve made some big changes in the past month! Not only have we updated our marketing with a new look, but we have also expanded our services to include prenatal families. We could not be more excited to help families connect to information and resources during this incredible time!

Why do we feel like pregnancy is such an important time to support families? Because so many incredible things are happening during those nine months!


During pregnancy your baby is developing all of the physical components he will need to function in the world. There’s a lot that happens in between the single cell they start as and the newborn baby you take home! We can help you understand how your baby’s brain and body are developing throughout your pregnancy and what you can do to support that development.


As a mom your body is going to go through incredible changes! Some you may be familiar with and some may seem a little off the wall. For example, did you know that during pregnancy your sense of smell increases? Along with the physical changes you will experience there are a lot of emotional changes during and after pregnancy. We want to help you understand all of these changes and to know that you are not alone!

Your Growing Family

Whether it’s your first pregnancy, or your last, having a baby will bring big changes to your life! It can be helpful to talk about how your bundle of joy will affect your home, family, and work life. Did you know there are also a lot of great ways you and your family can start bonding with baby before she is born! Help Me Grow is ready to help you through the exciting times and the scary, to help get you the answers and community connections you need for your family.

Starting your baby’s development off right from the very start is one of the best things you can do for your child’s development! A healthy pregnancy prepares you and your child for the exciting journey of childhood. If you or someone you know is interested in receiving more support along the way, call us at 801-691-5322 or visit to talk to a trained Care Coordinator.


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