Building Brains With Books!

Early Childhood Connections by Help Me Grow Utah by Kali Iverson—Community Liaison

 “The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children.” — Jim Trelease

Some of the simplest toys can bring the greatest growth. At Help Me Grow Utah, some of our favorite toys are books, balls, and blocks. Today we’re going to talk all about books! Books build communication, problem solving, and imagination skills. These are vital skills that your child needs for school readiness and life!

There are a lot of fun activities parents can do to make reading with children more fun! Here are a few examples:

  • Go on a reading campout. Build a tent in your living room or backyard. Ask your child to bring his or her favorite books and stuffed animals. Grab some flashlights and read together.
  • Find a recipe online or in a cookbook. Read the recipe out loud together and follow the instructions to cook something delicious.
  • Have a reading scavenger hunt. Choose a letter of the alphabet and talk about the sounds it makes. Go on a walk around your house, neighborhood, or children’s museum and find as many things as you can that start with that letter.
  • Make your own book. Using photographs and your child’s drawings, make a picture book together. Write the words to the story and then read your book together.
  • Put on a puppet show. Choose one of your child’s favorite books and read it together. Then make puppets out of socks or brown lunch bags. Act out the story for family or friends.

Help Me Grow Utah has hundreds of age appropriate activity ideas for parents at no cost! You can learn more by calling 801-691-5322.


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